Our laboratory is located in room 525 in the Bossone Research Enterprise center.
We have a tissue culture facility for study of cardiovascular cells, including primary endothelial and smooth muscle cells as well as cardiac myocytes. Our tissue culture facility includes two incubators, two laminar flow hoods, cryogenic cell storage, a Coulter counter, and a Nikon TS-100 phase contrast microscope.
We have a variety of equipment to study molecular cell biology and biochemistry. This includes one-dimensional gel electrophoresis, Western blot, ELISA, and fluorescent microscopy.
Shared facilities in Bossone: We have access to several fluorescent microscopes, a confocal microscope, an atomic force microscope, a spectrophotometer, and microplate reader.
Drexel University Shared Facilities: These include confocal microscopy,RT-PCR, scanning and transmission electron microscopes, flow cytometry, and genomics.